I’m too old to be going through a fangirl phase..

Being #TeamBreezy at 15 was cool and acceptable.. because I was 15.

But I’m gonna be 23 soon and I’m acting the same way but about Chronixx this time. Honestly, I’ve just reached a mature level of fangirl where I don’t cover my rooms in posters or make custom shirts.

[side note: I once made a shirt for a Chris Brown concert that said, “Kiss Kiss me Chris” on the front and “Mr. Brown meet Ms. Black” on the back because our last names are colors and I felt clever]

Now as I’m trying to prove myself as a professional music journalist, it doesn’t really make sense to be so enamored by an artist but I really and truly cannot help it when it comes to Chronixx. I’m at the point where I have no where to express my actual feelings but here and Facebook because I’m trying to not look crazy on Twitter :( Also my boyfriend definitely thought I wasn’t gonna come home when I went to a Chronixx meet & greet.


Please somebody help me, I’m turning into a 15-year-old girl again.



why do niggas rub they head when they caught up

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